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Olesya & Mikhail Eremeev. The best performance in Kremlin

World Championship in Kremlin is an important milestone in the history of the professional dancers. The best couples from all over came to Moscow in order to confirm their skills and rankings on the dance floor of the Kremlin on October 27, 2018.

One of the participants of the prestigious Championship is a brilliant couple from Singapore, and one of the frontrunners of the event according to API TV DANCE. On the night before the event, Mikhail Eremeev and Olesya Eremeeva participated in the interview with the famous TV channel about dances in the royal interiors of Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel.

- We are happy to welcome you in Moscow, right before the World Championship in Kremlin, Olesya, and Mikhail! What are your expectations for this event? Are you ready to take the leading place on the pedestal?

- Well, it’s impossible to make a precise forecast in the case. Everything depends on your skills, on your technique, on your appearance and mechanics. Another important moment is the couples, which will dance with you in the Kremlin. No doubt, each of us has their own goals here, and we want to reach them at any cost. The rest depends on judges of the competition.

- Your couple is famous with a specific preparation and training methods. Can you share a couple of secrets with us?

- We use special exercises and training methods mainly based on the proper moral setting. By doing so, we are able to create a visual representation of our goals. For example, one can imagine the moment when you get that trophy. It looks like meditation in yoga. Furthermore, there are special speech techniques, which can restore the proper emotional shape in a matter of minutes.

- Can you tell us about your training sessions? Where and how you train? Which goals can be achieved with them?

- We’ve just arrived from London. We had to train and practice there, creating the proper emotional state and mood for the championship. During the training, you always need to remember that the conditions of different venues are also very different. The dance floor may have different quality and dimensions. That’s why you need to be sure that you can move freely, knowing all the corners, and places to make a turn. One needs to take the floor plan of the venue into account.

At the same time, we pay a lot of attention to the proper physical training. No doubt that dance is not a simple walking around. The dance requires using all the muscle groups, and the loads have to be distributed according to the given tasks.

- You participated in many prestigious events in the world of dances. How important is the Championship in Kremlin among them?

- The most important thing is that this country is our homeland, and it creates a special and unique feeling in our souls. When you plan to go to Blackpool or other events, you know that it’s going to be another competition. At the same time, when you come to Moscow, you understand that you came home in order to show your dances to your friends and relatives.

- Who is going to support you in the Kremlin?

- My mother will! As well as my sister, grandfather, and our friends from both Singapore and Russia, who came to watch our performance during the championship in the Kremlin!

- Russia is your homeland; however, you represent Singapore on this Championship. Why is it like that? Can you tell us a bit more about your professional story?

- In 2006 Mikhail was invited to work with one of the Studios in Singapore for the first time. It turned out that our family had to move there. Professional dancers are really demanded there, and we want to support the process of development. Russia has a different culture of dances. People are inspired with the team spirit here, and they want to support each other. Things are a bit different in Singapore. Even when we work with children, we have to adjust to the atmosphere, which is not really usual for us.

- And what is the atmosphere in the Kremlin? Who are the best dancers: friends or competitors?

- We are friends! We know some of them for many years in a row. There are many unique athletes, who support the international world of dances with their passion and mastery! No doubt, such events are always surrounded by the atmosphere of competition. The best couples from all over the world came here to take the first place! Those are the best dancers in the world! Judges have a very difficult task to choose the best of them.

At the same time, we are very friendly and open during the training sessions and in the changing rooms. We are frequently asked about bad actions from the competitors, but we never faced any of them! It’s vice versa! If you manage to forget something, they will give you a dress, they will help to make a hairstyle and a makeup. Katyusha Demidova had such terrible case. Her luggage was lost on her way to Hong Kong, and she simply had nothing to wear. She had to perform on the next day, but she simply had nothing. Can you imagine that? Other dancers helped her, and she made a brilliant performance!

This culture was created and cultivated by the most professional dancers in the world.

- What is the value of Russian dances in the world of professional dance now?

- I have to tell you that Russian dance culture is still really appreciated all over the world. Many Russian dancers represent other countries. Once in a while, you can open the list of dancers, and see that all dancers have Russian origins.

- By the way, Katyusha Demidova, who performs with Arunas Bizokas, wants to take the lead for the tenth time in a row. She also made the first steps of her professional career in Russia. How do you think, will they be able to get the first place in the world of professional dances for the tenth time?

- Arunas and Katyusha have significant chances to win because they are several steps forward in comparison with other participants. Even if you try to evaluate their mechanics, you will understand everything by looking at their legs and feet. All the movements are smooth and light. All the finalists can offer attractive dances, but Katyusha and Arunas are the only one to show the highest level of stability and lightness. They are a brilliant couple. They have a secret feet moving technique that allows creating such a smooth motion. Arunas is also able to make an elegant swing, creating the proper dancing condition for his partner. 

- No doubt, the majority is looking at the woman. Isn’t it sad and offensive for the man?

- As in the real life, as well as in the world of dances, men like to have an astonishing flower next to them. The key task for the man is to lead the partner and make everything to create her the most attractive look. At the same time, it’s impossible to forget about the competitive spirit. But the teamwork has the highest priority.

- And how can one create a couple? We all know those sad stories when couples decide to stop their professional career.

- In the childhood, we are chosen by the height and the age. It’s pretty simple. When you become a real professional, you can feel the energy of the partner, and not only the proper age and height. You need to feel comfortable with the partner, and the human qualities have the highest priority.
No doubt, many couples are created to achieve the results with the lightning speed, just to leave each other later. Everything depends on the initial goal. Our goal is harmony.

- Can dances be used to strengthen the relationship of the dancers, who decided to live together?

- No doubt! Dances allow getting to the new level of the relationship. We are married for more than ten years, and the energy balance of our family is only growing!

- What is the story of your couple?

- We met each other in the university. It happened at the beginning of the studies, and we noticed each other almost immediately. It’s not a secret that dancers attract each other on the intuitive level. We talked and discovered that we had a passion for dances. In the beginning, we decided to dance something for the university. Later both of us lost our partners, and now, when we look back into the past, we realize that it was something like a miracle!

- I’m wondering what your friends and relatives are waiting for your performance in Kremlin? Will they be happy to see you there?

- Of course, they really want to see us. I’m really grateful to my mother because she believed in me even during the most difficult times. When I was a kid, I was waiting for another training session. It was like a second family for me, and many people will never understand me until they feel the freedom of movement on their own.

I spend three years asking my mother to send me to a dancing studio. Finally, she agreed and helped me throughout my life. At the same time, my father never supported this decision.

- Well, that’s easy to understand because boys don’t really like dances. And many people are sure that dances are not for men. What is your opinion?

- When you start dancing, you become really self-confident. You are able to synchronize your mind and your body. At the same time, you are able to approach any woman, and you know how to talk to her. Many men start dancing just to become more relaxed and gain some self-confidence.

It was really hard before. People were mocking and joking. These days many new dances are developed all over the world, and the young people want to participate in this development.

- What does your son think about dances?

- He’s dancing himself, and even participated in several competitions. In the beginning, he wasn’t really happy. We had to push him for a year and a half. Later we told him that he could avoid training if he wanted. At that time he realized that he needed to work hard if he wanted to reach something in his life. He asked for our permission to continue his training.

When boys come to our studio in Singapore, they have to pass through several problems. They think that football and karate are more interesting and important. However, they change their mind a bit later. We are working in the team, using games to attract boys into the world of dances.

- Maybe your students will be able to show their skills in the Kremlin. This championship is unique because it will host the first competition in American Smooth. What is your opinion about it?

- This is a very interesting dance that gives a lot of freedom to show a story on the dance floor. This dance allows showing a lot of unique and interesting elements. It’s like a show dance but within a competition. I saw American Smooth in 2011. At that time, it could be seen only in the USA. We promised ourselves that we would practice that dance with our students. The world of dances is endless. It changed its shape again and again. 

- What can you wish for the athletes, who will dance right next to you?

- I want to wish them a light floor and great mood with happiness! The emotional state is really important. If you have a bad mood, judges and competitors will easily note it, while the audience will be disappointed. When we were kids, we watched World Championship on TV, and we understood that Stanislav Popov was creating a unique atmosphere. Now we can feel ourselves that the atmosphere is totally different in Kremlin! We wish all the dancers to immerse into this atmosphere with the music of the live orchestra. Let the music take them above the ground, allowing them to enjoy the dance, and reach their goals. Judges want to see the individuality. If you don’t want to pretend to be someone, you will get the highest ranking, making the best performance in Kremlin!

Svetlana Melnikova, Andrey Polyakov


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